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Why not? Some thoughts on sexual freedom. [moving boxes nyc] [1/5]
A snapshot of being on top of Pok-O-Moonshine. [ENV] [1/3]

fender custom shop strat contain hundreds of writings on life and politics in Rural New York.

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Cayuga Lake
From the Adirondacks Series. Added 12/27/06.

The awning explores New York with hundreds of photos.


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Today's Political Activism in New York
from ActivistResource.org
How to Become an Activist
How you can get involved and make positive social change happen.
Activism vs Politics
Explaining the difference between activism and politics.

101 Local Activism Opportunities in your town that you can get involved in.


Updated: Sunday 1/7 5:00 AM

As the 2007-2008 legislative season just started, none of the cowdung bills have yet to be considered by Senate or Assembly Committees.

How A Bill Becomes Law
A brief explanation of how a bill becomes a law in New York State.
Politics and Government Commentary
Essays on significant events in politics and government.

Cowdung Bill Tracker tracks dozens of pieces of legislation that effect you.


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Andy's Pic
Who is Cowboy?
A look under my cowboy hat at who I really am as an individual.
Dreams of the Cowboy
The rural, wild and free vision of myself in the future.

Autonomy Pages discuss who I am and are becoming as an individual.

Proud to be an American,
from the Great State of New York.
Spitzer + Gillibrand
Proud to be a Democrat,
I love Upstate New York.

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Deep Bay at Point Au Roche - Adirondacks Series (12/12/06)

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